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Robert Semrad Foundation SpeechMy family and I started the Robert J Semrad Foundation as a way to give back to the DebtStoppers communities we serve, but also as a way to spotlight the causes. Their work brings real change everyday. We hope learning more about them will inspire you to reach out and make a difference in your neighborhoods, too.

Project Hood

Robert Semrad and Pastor Cory BrooksSadly, gang and gun violence have become routine parts of day-to-day city life. Hundreds of young lives are cut short each year and thousands of families are left facing unspeakable loss. These senseless deaths diminish us all. But while we all feel the heartbreak, most of us feel we can do nothing to end it. Pastor Corey Brooks and Project Hood are confronting youth violence head on. Pursuing his mission _ “ending violence and¬†building communities, one neighborhood at a time”, Pastor Brooks and his outreach efforts Project¬†Choices, Brothers on the Block/Sisters on the Street and Summit of Hope, provide neighborhood kids with positive adult role models and one-on-one mentoring. Read the Robert Semrad Huffington Post article and learn more about the HOOD project.

Learn more about Project HOOD.

Somebody’s Mama

somebody1somebody2Raising awareness and funding global projects focused on women’s healthcare, education, economic empowerment, and ending violence against women. Our own Agi Semrad is a recent ‘Mama of the Month.’ In Agi’s words, “The great thing being a mom has taught my commitment to empowering women. I know the obstacles they’ll face in life and the limitations others will place on them. But it’s nothing compared to the challenges faced by women in developing countries. It’s a great feeling to know that we’re doing something to help women overcome those challenges.”

Learn more about the transformational work being done worldwide by Somebody’s Mama.

The Joe Soto Baseball Experience

sotoWe love kids and we love baseball, so sponsoring Joe Soto’s baseball camp is a natural for us. Professional instruction and lessons in teamwork at a free, day-long baseball camp run by V103 celebrity, Joe Soto.

Learn more about Joe’s Baseball Experience.

The Robbie Collomore Concert Series

collomoreThis season, the Robert J. Semrad Foundation is proud to bring the Verona String Quartet to the Chester Meeting House, home for the series’ 43rd season.

Learn more about the Robbie Collomore Concert Series.