4 Reasons Why Robert J. Semrad Keeps His Charitable Efforts Hyper Local

By: James Paisley | Posted On: October 22, 2016

The city of Chicago is one of the most diverse populations in the United States, with communities and people that come from different parts of the world. Robert J. Semrad has been fortunate to work with and serve a variety of communities. Those that are closest to his heart are the ones that are disadvantaged due to a variety of economic, social and demographic problems. These communities are the ones that he aims to help and the ones that his foundation, the Robert J. Semrad Foundation, tries to serve the most. Here are four reasons why the Foundation keeps his charitable efforts hyper local.

Robert was born and raised in Chicagoland.

As a life-long resident and second-generation Chicago attorney, Robert Semrad knew that he would be continuing the legacy of his family within the Chicago community. While the city is truly remarkable in many ways, it also has disadvantaged populations that require extraordinary assistance in many ways. DebtStoppers and the Robert J. Semrad Foundation are two ways that Robert Semrad is providing services and giving back to them. By staying hyper-local, Robert is continuing to bring attention to these communities in need.

DebtStoppers embraces diversity.

The cases that we have are just as unique as the clients we work with. Every client has their own story, their own background, their own experiences and their own personalities. All of the clients are DebtStoppers are memorable, because of their uniqueness. DebtStoppers embraces all races, religions, cultures, and differences. DebtStoppers does everything in their power to provide clients with an experience that is unique to whom they are. Every bankruptcy plan is customized to each individual. There is even a version of the DebtStoppers website that has been translated into Spanish, with more translated websites to come.

His family believes in the city and the work that the Robert J. Semrad Foundation can do.

“My family and I started the Robert J Semrad Foundation as a way to give back to the DebtStoppers communities we serve, but also as a way to spotlight the causes we support and the wonderful people behind those causes. Their work brings real change every day. We hope learning more about them will inspire others to reach out and make a difference in their neighborhoods, too.”

As his driving force and motivation, his family’s opinions and belief in his program are essential to its success.

The charitable programs within the Foundation are all hyper-local.

Robert Semrad has established relationships with local pivotal figures, such as Pastor Corey Brooks and Joe Soto, and he has personally selected, with the help of his family, charitable programs that would partner with the foundation. These partner programs include: The Pajama Program, Project Hood, Somebody’s Mama, The Joe Soto Baseball Experience, and The Robbie Collomore Baseball Experience. These programs are points of reference and resources for the Debtstoppers attorneys to provide to their clients and to the communities they help.

For more information about the charitable efforts of Robert Semrad and the Robert J. Semrad Foundation, please contact us here