Many foundations focus on only one specific issue, whether its domestic violence, kids with disabilities, diseases, poverty, among others. However, the Robert J. Semrad Foundation focuses on all of the issues disadvantaged communities and families face, especially those stricken with financial burdens and debt. These families deal with a tremendous amount of stress, abuse, neglect and lack of support. It is the mission of the foundation to provide them with resources in the form of financial education and resources, helpful programs, and donations.

At the Robert J. Semrad Foundation, we believe that people will help people.

There are several ways in which you can get involved:

Donate Time. Whether you want to volunteer your time to a local food drive or a day to building homes, the Robert J. Semrad Foundation has a network of supporters and organizers who are willing and able to launch a community initiative or event. The foundation is always looking for ways to enhance an event or experience with others who want to volunteer their time for the benefit of the community.

Donate Money. In the past year alone, the Robert J. Semrad Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands to our sponsored programs, charities and local initiatives. The foundation has a network of people who donate monetary funds to these programs, all of which are very specific to the local communities they serve. We are always thrilled to receive monetary donations for these programs, the families and local community organizations. Simply contact us, and tell us more about what you would like to donate to the foundation.

Partnership. Nominate a charity to partner with the Robert J. Semrad Foundation.

We look forward to working together in improving underprivileged communities and families in and around Chicago. If interested in donating time, money and/or to partner with us, simply complete the form below.