Robert J. Semrad Believes Baseball Can Keep Chicago Kids Out of Trouble

By: James Paisley | Posted On: October 22, 2016

Robert J. Semrad has been an incredible advocate of the sport of baseball even before the Chicago Cubs entered into the playoffs this 2016 season. He believes that baseball is one of the many team-building sports that can teach kids the meaning of sportsmanship, how to work well with others, and most importantly, it’s something that is both fun and educational that can keep them out of trouble. One of the programs that his foundation, the Robert J. Semrad Foundation, partners with is the Joe Soto Baseball Experience.

Joe Soto is a popular radio host of Chicago’s V103 R&B radio station. He’s been on the radio for over 35 years. As a native Chicagoan, he graduated from Farragut High School on the west side of the city and Daley College on the south side of the city where he received his Associate of Arts Degree. He then moved to DeKalb where he earned his Bachelors degree in Radio, Television and Film from Northern Illinois University. Alongside the radio and his family, his passion for baseball is a major part of his life. He plays for The Angels (38’s) and Braves (48’s) of The Roy Hobbs League, and he has won National Championships with teams out of Dallas and Memphis.

Even though his career has moved him around the nation, Chicago is his home. And while his favorite professional team is the Chicago Cubs, his favorite baseball players are the children he gets to train in his baseball camps and clinics. He is very involved in the community and upholds a purpose of giving back. His program, sponsored by the Robert J. Semrad Foundation, provides professional instruction and lessons about teamwork through the free baseball camps run by Mr. Soto.

Recently, Robert Semrad sponsored a clinic with Joe Soto. The pictures below show the most recent clinic on August 20, 2016. You can see Joe interacting with the children, teaching them his best tips and tricks to pitching, swinging the bat, hitting the ball and more. The experience for the children is visibly exciting and inevitably memorable. It’s Robert’s hope that experiences like these are truly life changing and pivotal in the lives of the children they work with.

The Robert J. Semrad Foundation has established itself as a donation portal and support system for underprivileged communities around Chicago. It’s with programs like the Joe Soto Baseball Experience that helps it flourish and continue to help those in need. As a sponsor for these programs, the foundation seeks to make an impact in the communities they serve. Whether it’s for children, teens, young adults, or families, there is a program for everyone. In the areas of Chicago, where several communities are forgotten, organizations like the Robert J. Semrad foundation are a necessity.

There are several ways you can be a part of the foundation and its mission. The foundation is always looking for ways to enhance an event or experience with others who want to volunteer their time or donate their money for the benefit of the community. For more information, visit the foundation website here.