Robert SemradAs a Chicago native and the son of an attorney, a law career was always in the cards for Robert Semrad. After graduating from DePaul Law in 1994, Rob was hired at a personal bankruptcy practice. From then on, his path was clear. By practicing bankruptcy law, Rob is able to have a positive impact on the lives of countless people, which is exactly what he hoped to do with his law degree.

After seven years at the bankruptcy law firm, Rob purchased it in 2003. As The Semrad Law Firm—trademarked as DebtStoppers—the practice is committed to helping families get back on their feet by escaping debt. By promoting healthy financial decisions through education and outreach, Rob Semrad is committed to giving back to his community. He is especially dedicated to communities in which the mortgage crisis had the greatest impact—minority and low-income areas. Throughout his 18-year career, Rob has devoted himself to giving individuals a voice in standing up against creditors.

This commitment to giving back is what prompted Rob and his family to establish The Semrad Foundation, which brings attention to organizations doing outstanding work to enact change in their communities.